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Webinar: IO-Link for advanced users

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Become an expert on a technology that bridges the gap to Industry 4.0.

How can intelligent sensors be linked to PLCs and the IT world? What is the best way to proceed for plant operators in terms of linking processes and achieving added value from the recorded data?

While forming the basis on sensor level, the IO-Link key technology provides the user with completely new options to connect intelligent sensors and systems conveniently with the IT world and move towards the "intelligent factory".

PLC programmers, hardware planners and all other interested parties experienced live and at first hand how to connect hardware and software components and to integrate IO-Link functions into Siemens controllers effectively.


Rainer Fuchs

Rainer Fuchs has been with the ifm group since 2012. He programmed and commissioned industrial plants over several years before joining us. Rainer Fuchs is in charge of developing IO-Link from a user's perspective, moreover, he offers IO-Link trainings and provides support on all IO-Link-related questions, including how to integrate this technology in the world of automation.

Daniel Zahn

Daniel Zahn has been working in Product and System Support at the ifm group of companies since 2015. His tasks include advising customers worldwide on automation solutions. Prior to this, he was responsible for setting-up complex plants at customers’ sites.