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Condition monitoring for fans

Fans play a major role for quality assurance of production in many applications. Critical situations are mainly found with

  • dedusting systems
  • fresh and exhaust air in paint shops
  • workshop ventilation
  • fans in air-conditioning systems
  • external ventilation of motors
  • isolators in the pharmaceutical industry

To ensure the process reliability of the machines cleaning intervals must be monitored or cleaning of fans based on dirt must be organised.
The occurrence of problems with drive belts is to be monitored. Another factor is the "resonance screening" to detect adverse operating conditions at an early stage. Checking the air quantity also helps to avoid downtime and organise maintenance at an early stage, reducing repair and maintenance cost.

In combination with the LR SMARTOBSERVER the measured data is recorded and an alarm is triggered in the event of infractions of the limits.
Besides the process sensors installed in fans external wiring in control cabinets is supplied. An evaluation unit (VSE) operates as communication interface to the process sensors (vibration, shock, etc.) Via Ethernet interface or WiFi the data is supplied to a PC/server with the LR SMARTOBSERVER software for analysis (depending on the application the versions CE / Express or Server).