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Construction machines

Robust controllers ensure machine intelligence
Automate all operating functions of your vehicle
ioControl – the compact controller
Can be used as a freely programmable controller for signal processing of fast input signals
Different display formats
The solution for individual customer requirements – can for example be used as a monitor for surveillance cameras or as an information terminal for machine status messages
Cameras to assist the operator
React to obstacles before the driver sees them and prevent collisions
Optimised fleet use with mobileMaintenance
The basis for fleet management and monitoring of the machinery pool
Pressure monitoring in oil circuits
Monitor the pressure in the oil circuit of your machine with a pressure sensor for mobile use

Municipal vehicles

Certified mobile controllers
Can be used as controllers for the machine process and as safety controllers (SIL2/ PLd) with CANopen Safety support
ioControl reduces wiring
Standardised screw or plug-and-socket connections ensure safe and easy connection of sensors and actuators
Displays with integrated operating keys or with additional touch screen
The powerful interface between the machine operator and the central controller
Cameras as reversing assistants or for monitoring the loading process
More safety on public roads
More efficient route planning with mobileMaintenance
Route planning and vehicle diagnostics during operation or at the depot
Exact positioning
An inductive sensor for mobile use enables precise positioning of the bin lift system

Transport and logistics

Standard and safety controller in one unit
Thanks to two independent internal controllers with scalable I/O assignment, the unit can be used in standard and safety applications.
ioControl – easy service and maintenance
The integrated display and operating keys enable quick setting of the unit and the parameters in production or in the field
The powerful machine interface for data visualisation, data acquisition and communication via a connected modem
Camera systems for obstacle detection
An automatic 3D detection system recognises potential obstacles in good time and prevents collisions.
Remote machine updates
Over-the-air (OTA) updates or online diagnostics of the machine software in close coordination between the machine operator and the manufacturer
Exact positioning of booms
Encoders for mobile use ensure precise positioning of the boom and transmit its position to the PLC.

Agricultural equipment

The powerful controller for complex machine functions in self-propelled agricultural machines
ioControl – the robust module for attachable units
The freely programmable field module with CAN interfaces enables reliable communication with the tractor
Display of vehicle information in the HMI
Display of operating conditions, diagnostic information, input and output states, fault monitoring and system messages
Cameras to assist the operator
Smart detection of shapes and contours for automatic control of machine and operating functions
Machine fleet monitoring
Keep an eye on your machine fleet and its operating status
Temperature monitoring
Monitor the oil temperature of your machine with a temperature sensor specially designed for mobile use.