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Temperature sensors - Sensors with temperature pick-up and display

  • Analogue output or switching output for monitoring
  • User-friendly communication via IO-Link
  • Wide temperature evaluation range
  • Intuitive, user-friendly handling
  • Local display of the current temperature values

Sensor with temperature probe and display

Temperature sensors of the TN series reliably detect and evaluate the process temperature. They are used when local temperature indication is desired. The units are distinguished by excellent response times, high pressure resistance and wide measuring ranges. Critical process states, e.g. reaching of minimum or maximum limit temperatures, can be directly monitored by means of the switching output. For continuous temperature measurement, units with a high-resolution and scalable analogue output are offered. The integrated display allows direct readout of the current process temperature at any time.
Set-up, maintenance and operation are facilitated by a 4-digit LED display, which is visible from all sides even at greater distances, and two switching status LEDs on the sensor head. The display can be switched from the indication of “red” to an alternating indication of “red – green”. So, switching states can be highlighted or an independent colour window can be created.
Parameter setting is effected via the buttons on the sensor or via IO-Link, e.g. using a USB interface. The LINERECORDER SENSOR software is used to visualise, transfer and archive parameter sets.