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Multicode Reader O2I

It will speed up your processes

Do you strive for maximum efficiency? Then you will love the O2I Multicode Reader from the start, as it does not waste its time (nor yours!) with time consuming installation procedures.

Its motto: Power on and get started Once started, the O2I will deal with everything that passes in front of its lens at up to 7 m/s: 1D or 2D codes, printed, lasered or dot peened, shiny or matt, individually or several codes simultaneously the Multicode Reader handles it all without breaking a sweat, for efficient process and product control.

Field of view calculator O2I

Select lens type and working distance in order to obtain the field of view.

All in one system

The multicode reader O2I now also detects fonts and characters in addition to the familiar 1D and 2D codes. It ensures reliable identification even under difficult conditions, e.g. in case of changing extraneous light or shiny surfaces. The manufacturing date, the batch number and the serialisation of the products are now important points in the environment of track & trace - tasks in the environment of Industry 4.0. With the further developed O2I, these tasks can now be mastered brilliantly. Reading or comparing texts alone, or in combination with 1D and 2D codes.

Why O2I?

Easy handling Detection of different codes in one image Independent of colour, properties, shine Intelligent interfaces
Easy setting by teaching using one button, or by using the ifm Vision Assistant The auto find code function automatically recognises several different codes in one image Detects codes on various backgrounds without any difficulty Freely definable data output via Ethernet/IP or ProfiNet and data migration via ifm memory stick


Quality Assurance

Filling systems

  • Food industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • and more Advantages


  • The right product in the right container
  • Having several products on one production line saves retrofitting times
  • Fewer complaints with regard to filling errors

Production control

Production lines

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Machinery manufacturing
  • Material handling
  • and more


  • In process verification of production part correctness
  • Assignment of the correct production steps, e.g . welding, painting, mounting
  • Equipment identification , for example on tool changing

Sorting tasks


  • Logistics
  • Industrial automation
  • Labelling of workpiece carriers
  • and more


  • Product tracking and package management, e.g. for data based scheduling
  • Time saving due to automated sorting
  • Lower error rate as incorrect operation by staff can be excluded

Increase product and process quality

Make processes transparent
Be informed about what is going on, when and where
Optimise material handling
Provide sufficient material in the correct production step
Assure quality
Correctly assign components to the final product
Exactly schedule delivery
Data based control of timed process flows