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ifm Vision Assistant Monitoring Tool

Congratulations on obtaining your Vision Assistant Monitoring Tool licence(s)!

Next steps:

If you want to use the Monitoring Tool for the first time on a target system, you need to first install the Vision Assistant (Version 2.6.X and later) and then activate your purchased licences.

For this purpose, you have received a LAC (licence activation code) by email or on a LAC card.

Activate the Vision Assistant Monitoring Tool, how to proceed:

Once you have installed ifm Vision Assitant Version 2.6.X or later, you can activate the purchased licences in the software. You can choose from on- and offline activation. The offline activation is the right choice for target systems with no active internet connection.

Offline activation is done via your user account in "my ifm", under "my software”. The fingerprint of the target system will be required, and the software must be installed.

Licence activation must be done on the target system, and the licences will be bound to this system!

Reliable in any dimension: our vision sensors

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