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Parameter setting software

  • Quick set-up of sensors
  • User-friendly setting of parameters
  • Intuitive, user-friendly handling

Parameter setting software

The portfolio of ifm parameter setting software covers a wide range of applications. These include solutions for the parameter setting and set-up of IO-Link devices, 1D/2D code readers, 3D cameras and RFID read/write heads as well as VSE diagnostic electronics for vibration monitoring.

The clear online and offline parameter setting of all IO-Link devices, even manufacturer-independent, is possible with just one software tool, moneo configure.

The apps are used by the AS-i masters (AC14) for parameter setting and set-up of IO-Link sensors, 1D/2D code readers, 3D cameras and RFID read/write heads. ifm also offers apps for logging and saving process data of AS-i IO-Link modules and for managing AS-i configurations.

The operating software for the object recognition sensor O2D and the object inspection sensor O2V is used for simple and direct set-up of the devices.

The object inspection sensor O2V differentiates between the operating modes "Applications", "Monitoring" and "Service". The operating mode is selected via the operating software.

The OPC server software provides an interface which standardises the data from the VSE diagnostic electronics and ifm's code reader for integration into a higher level system.