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Sensors for mobile machines - Analogue cameras

  • Universal use due to analogue video output
  • Encapsulated, weather-proof aluminium housing
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Temperature-controlled lens heating
  • EU type approval e4

Sensors for mobile machinery - Analogue cameras

The O3M 3D sensor for mobile applications captures the surroundings of mobile machines three-dimensionally. Thanks to ifm's patented PMD time-of-flight principle, the distances to the different objects in the detection zone can be determined. The 3D sensor system consists of an IR system illumination unit and the corresponding 3D sensor.
Thanks to its outstanding shock and vibration resistance, the sensor is suited for use in mobile machines. The O3M can be used on agricultural machinery for automatic swath detection and line guidance. Installed on construction machines and municipal vehicles, the sensor can be used to prevent collision. The 3D sensor also provides many possibilities for area surveillance, e.g. when used on drilling and piling equipment.