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Live support – easy to find a solution

Direct help via live connection on your PC

With live support, we are practically directly on site. We connect live on your PC and find a solution together.

The advantage: The connection is made for you via a browser-based application (Team Viewer) - no software installation is required on your PC.

Of course, security comes first: you alone decide when we can access your computer and what we are allowed to see. Without your approval, there is no access and you can interrupt or end the session at any time if necessary.

It's that easy:

Start live support now

Your advantages with TeamViewer

Video telephony:

  • Demonstration of our products (functionality, size, live application tests)

Screen sharing:

  • Simultaneous assessment of CAD drawings or electrical circuit diagrams for error analysis or the conception of extensions
  • Web seminars for our products including software and other tools and interfaces

Ease of use:

  • Excellent transmission quality (audio and video) with minimal bandwidth
  • No installation on the PC necessary (no admin rights required)
  • Full functionality (video, chat, screen sharing) in the browser