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Webinar: Smart Food Monitoring

Available on demand

Identifying key machines and critical areas to increase product quality and performance

Maximum process reliability and constant product quality are maxims in the food industry - whether in the manufacture of beverages, sweets and dairy or in meat processing. Even slightest impurities cause great damage, such as product recall of entire production lots or expensive downtimes.

By means of condition-based maintenance, condition monitoring, you can continuously monitor the technical condition of the plant. This helps you to detect signs of potential downtime at an early stage, avoid consequential damage and increase the lifetime of your plant. If a failure occurs, the cause can be identified very quickly.

Does that sound interesting? If you ask yourself how to implement condition-based maintenance, the answer is: by means of systems for vibration monitoring and diagnostics. We will offer a web seminar on this topic for anyone interested.


Martin Kloesters

Martin Kloesters has been employed at ifm in Rosenheim for about three years. There he supports product management in the area of diagnostic systems and supports customer projects in the food sector worldwide.