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Automation Products for the Automotive Industry - English catalogue 2013/2014 24820 kb
Automation Technology for the Automotive Industry Catalogue 2019/2020 17844 kb
Automation Technology for the Food Industry Catalogue 2018/2019 11846 kb
Automation Technology for the Packaging Industry Catalogue 2019/2020 4806 kb
Automation Technology for the Wind Industry Catalogue 2014 1784 kb
Automation products for the automotive industry in Asia - catalogue 2013 51639 kb
Capacitive Sensors - English catalogue 2010 2010 2686 kb
Control systems for mobile vehicles - English catalogue 2016/2017 9134 kb
Fibre optics - English catalogue 2008 Fully automatic manufacturing machines become more and more compact. Fibre optics are used where mounting space for photoelectric standard sensors is confined. Advantages of these systems: The evaluation electronics and the optoelectronic components are located separately from the sensing surface of the system. Fibre optic sensing heads can therefore be mounted in places where access is difficult. Fibre optics are the best choice, in particular for short ranges. - Precise connection of different fibre optics. - Manual or automatic setting by means of “teach in”. - LED display to check operation, switching status and function. - Various glass fibre materials for different applications. - Easy mounting on DIN rail possible. 2008 1559 kb
Fluid sensors and diagnostic systems - English catalogue 2008/2009 Fluid sensors and diagnostic systems - Level sensors - Flow sensors - Pressure sensors - Temperature sensors - Diagnostic systems - Evaluation systems - Power supplies - Connection technology 7973 kb
IO-Link – we connect you! Catalogue 2018/2019 6935 kb
Magnetic sensors - English catalogue 2010 2010 1035 kb
Networking AS-interface - English catalogue 2008 The AS-interface (AS-i)   The actuator-sensor interface (AS-i) sets new technological standards in the design and automation of installations. This leads to economic advantages for the OEM and the user for project management, commissioning and maintenance of machines. In contrast to conventional fieldbuses AS-i has a finely granulated structure and can therefore be integrated even into proximity switches.   AS-i considerably reduces wiring complexity since conventional parallel wiring of each sensor or actuator to the controller is no longer necessary. This saves the user a great number of terminals, splitter boxes, input / output cards and cable lines. 9816 kb
Processes in the Automotive Industry 7025 kb
Processes in the Food Industry 4421 kb
Processes in the Machine Tool Industry 2164 kb
Processes in the Steel Industry 4748 kb
Processes in the Wind Industry 1714 kb
ifm Automation Technology for the Machine Tools Industry - English catalogue 2014/2015 2661 kb
ifm General Catalogue English 2018/2019 17959 kb
ifmnovation - Product innovations automation technology. NEWSBOOK 2021 4672 kb