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IO-Link customer stories

SFH: Plant optimisation with IO-Link

SFH develops and produces fluid systems and systems for swarf handling. The company has been working very closely with ifm for many years and has now decided to equip their machines with IO-Link sensors and masters to benefit from the advantages of IO-Link: easy parameter setting, fast exchange, remote maintenance and big savings in wiring.

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BMI has chosen ifm solutions to offer new services to its customers

BMI is a manufacturer of industrial furnaces for the aeronautics, automotive and medical markets.
BMI is modernising its equipment to meet the new challenges of its customers. The IO-Link technology, in addition to saving time in wiring, provides a large amount of data that will help the manufacturer and the customer to optimise their maintenance.

ABB: Cost savings with IO-Link

ABB in France relies on ifm to equip their distribution systems with IO-Link masters and I/O modules. This helps them save time and material for cabling. The possibility to be independent of a specific fieldbus makes the offer of ABB France very flexible.

NEREUS: Reliable wastewater treatment thanks to IO-Link

NEREUS develops and produces compact filter pump systems for the filtration of wastewater. With ifm, they have a reliable partner who supplies them with numerous sensors, such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, level sensors and their new conductivity sensors.

Technoalpin: Efficiency increase of snow cannons

Technoalpin is a manufacturer of snow cannons based in South Tyrol.
Thanks to numerous sensors in snow cannons and pumping stations, ifm helps to bring progress to the slope. IO-Link technology ensures a highly efficient system control. The software allows the customer to conveniently evaluate all data such as flow rates and system parameters and adjust them as required.

Demo factory in Aachen: Equipment monitoring with IO-Link

Optimisation of resource consumption is becoming more and more important. ifm develops suitable measuring systems to detect and analyse the use of consumables. In the production of the demo factory in Aachen (Germany), various metal sheets of different thicknesses are processed. Here, the SD6100 detects the protective gas quantities during laser cutting.

Starrag: Digital upgrade with IO-Link

Industry 4.0 is among other things about creating a digital silhouette of a plant, thus allowing for computer-aided process optimisation. The essential information is provided by many sensors that are already installed for machinery control anyway. Thanks to IO-Link technology, these sensors provide much more data than mere switching signals or analogue values. Starrag Technology GmbH in Bielefeld (Germany) is a company that produces machine tools and extensively equips them with IO-Link sensors from ifm. Thus, end users are all set for the industry’s digitisation which is becoming increasingly relevant.

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Skanderborg Bryghus: Optimum production results with IO-Link

We rely on short distances and direct advice to turn the cooperation with our customers and partners into a success. In this example of a brewery in Skanderborg, the cooperation between GEA and ifm resulted in an utterly modern and highly automated brewery where no process is left to chance. From the extensive monitoring of tanks to the bottling of the beer, different ifm products support the automation process.

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Ramaplast: Energy management with IO-Link

IVECO: Diagnosis in the bodyshop

IVECO is a global manufacturer of trucks and commercial vehicles. At the Suzarra plant near Mantova in northern Italy, 250 'Daily' transporters roll off the production line every day. In the bodyshop, the body is assembled from pre-punched sheet metal parts by welding robots. Each vehicle body has to pass through the 100 m long production line. A sensitive area, because a standstill at this point would stop the entire production. This is why IVECO has installed a comprehensive diagnostic system for condition-based maintenance with the help of automation specialist ifm, effectively preventing unplanned production downtimes.

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