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moneo – simply made for you

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Webinar on 18 October 2022

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Tools for an easy and successful start into the digitalisation of your production

For over 50 years, we have supported our customers as a leading provider of automation solutions and are continuously learning when it comes to their requirements. The development of our IIoT software solution moneo is based on this. The focus is on topics such as simple implementation and use, efficiency, safety, time-saving parameter setting and intelligent condition monitoring.

How can time be saved when setting the parameters of devices?

For example, scan all IO-Link devices integrated into the production processes without involving the PLC and integrate new ones with just a few clicks. An integrated interface to the IIOD database makes the integration of devices from other manufacturers very easy.

What can efficient condition monitoring look like?

moneo helps employees with plant monitoring and proactively reports deviations so that machines can be maintained in good time and failures can be avoided. Besides, comprehensive data analyses enable more precise fault diagnostics and conclusions about process quality. Downtimes and unplanned maintenance can be reduced, which contributes to cost optimisation of production processes.

What can even more intelligent condition monitoring do?

Conventional condition monitoring systems usually offer static process value monitoring. If there are different operating states in a machine, such as different speed ranges, anomalies remain undetected with static limit values.
A more intelligent condition monitoring permanently adjusts the corresponding limit values by means of artificial intelligence and indicates any deviation. You can learn how to do this by carrying out 5 simple steps in the Smart Limit Watcher in moneo, and, of course, in our web seminar.

Was that all?

Here we have only collected a few facts for you. In our webinar, we will provide a lot more information for successful and good digitalisation.

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What you can expect from the webinar:

An overview of what tools are available for optimising your production processes.

Who is the seminar aimed at?

Potential customers who need structured information on digitalisation and want to know how they can generate further added value from their IO-Link devices.


Kai Bürger

Kai Bürger has been working at the ifm group of companies since 2018 - at ifm solutions gmbh (formerly ifm datalink gmbh) in product management. Thanks to his many years of professional experience in IT/telecommunications, he contributes his experience from the digitalisation processes already implemented in these areas to software development at ifm. In his role as product manager, he is responsible for the product definition and the introduction on the markets. The focus is on parameter setting applications in the form of software, smartphone apps and, in the future, cloud applications. In the field of Industry 4.0, he is the contact person for topics related to the digital twin and the Asset Administration Shell.

Dr. Matthias Heesen

Dr. Matthias Heesen is working for ifm since 2016 as user experience designer. His main topic is the design of interaction concepts for ifm moneo, especially the moneo RTM module. Thereby he focusses on user centered design - identifying the relevant user needs and gathering feedback about the concepts through user test. He has been working in the field of user experience design for 15 years now for example in the context of user interface design for highly automated driving or the design for automated bio tech workflows.

Anna Maria Simon

Anna Maria Simon has been Senior Sales Manager at statmath GmbH since July 2021. After completing her training as an industrial clerk, she studied International Management part-time from 2012-2016 and was quickly promoted to sales team leader. Specializing in high-tech products, she is the interface between customers and the statmath DataScience team at statmath GmbH. One of her main tasks is to manage the communication level of both entities so that everyone uses the common terminology. In this way, smooth and easy contacts are established, which turn into effective and valuable business relationships.   

Why is it worth it?

  • Direct exchange with experienced experts via live chat
  • Structured proven theory
  • Practical knowledge and inspirations through Use Cases

moneo – simply made for you

10:00 a.m. Central European Time (CET/MEZ)

07:00 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

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moneo – simply made for you

03:00 p.m. Central European Time (CET/MEZ)

12:00 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

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