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Robust and precise inclination sensors – Now with IO-Link

With analogue and switching outputs as well as vibration monitoring

  • High accuracy across the whole 2-axis angular range up to 360°
  • Very low temperature drift due to active temperature compensation
  • Visualisation of the operating and switching states by clearly visible LEDs
  • Configurable current and voltage output functions
  • Adjustable filter functions for different applications

Precision counts
The 2-axis inclination sensors are designed for high measurement accuracies over the whole angular range. All functions can be configured via IO-Link.
Thanks to an active temperature compensation and high protection rating they operate reliably even at extreme ambient temperatures and rough environments.

Vibration monitoring
Alternatively, JN2200 can also be used for 3-axis vibration monitoring. Up to 3 axes can be included into the calculation of the characteristic value.
Typical applications are the detection of structural vibration or tower vibration to ISO 4866, or machine monitoring to ISO 10816.