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Temperature sensor with setting rings

Temperature sensor with easy dial setting

  • Measuring range -25...140 °C
  • Two switching outputs
  • Easy adjustment via two setting rings for optimum read-out
  • Mechanical lock to prevent accidental adjustment
  • Accuracy: ± 3 K

Convenient and reliable setting
The TK type temperature sensors are sensors to monitor liquids and gases with switch points that can be set intuitively via two radial setting rings. Wherever simple solutions are needed, the TK series sensors are a real alternative. Complicated parameter setting via software is not necessary. The requested temperature is set via the setting rings allowing optimum read-out without your installation having to be in operation. In addition, the switching states are clearly displayed via LEDs.

The sensors are available with a setpoint and a reset point (TK6xxx) or two switch points with a fixed hysteresis (TK7xxx). The TK series temperature sensors are always the optimum choice for quick and simple use.