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Maximum performance plus reserve

Powerful switched-mode power supply with an enormous power reserve

  • 50 % power reserve for up to 4 seconds
  • AC wide-range input
  • Compact, slim design
  • High degree of efficiency of around 95 %
  • LEDs for OVL and DC OK output 

With 50 % power reserve for up to 4 seconds these power supplies provide sufficient power to cope with short current spikes even when operated at their limit.

These power supplies are designed for great efficiency and reach a higher-than-average figure of around 95 %. This saves energy costs and reduces waste heat in the control cabinet.

Innovative technology means the new ifm power supplies require considerably less space in the panel, as compared to common cabinet power supplies.

Power reserve
These power supplies provide an excellent power reserve of 50 percent for up to four seconds to cope with short current loads.

Inrush current limitation
Instead of an inrush current limitation with a simple NTC element, charging the capacitors of the new ifm switched-mode power supplies is microprocessorcontrolled. This ensures an ideal start-up of the voltage supply.

Long bridging times
The voltage supply is ensured for several milliseconds if the mains voltage briefly fails, e.g. caused by switching operations in the supply network.

Wide operating temperature range
ifm switched-mode power supplies provide the specific nominal power across the entire temperature range. Derating only has to be taken into account above an operating temperature of 60 °C.

Double terminal
All 24 V switched-mode power supplies are equipped with double terminals. This simplifies wiring and provides more clarity in the control cabinet.