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Inductive sensors with IO-Link

Inductive sensors take a leap forward

  • Precise position monitoring
  • Digital transmission of target distance
  • High linearity and repeatability
  • High IP 69K and wide temperature range
  • Function and polarity selectable via IO-Link

Much more than just a pulse pick-up!
ifm’s new inductive sensors with IO-Link incorporate several functions in one unit. They can be used as switching sensors with an adjustable switch point or measuring systems with a measured value transmitted via IO-Link. The output signal can be set to NC or NO and PNP or NPN allowing many possible combinations. This keeps the number of different types down, reducing the cost of stock.

Highest precision
The new sensors are so precise that they detect even minute changes. Even the true run of a spindle or the tension of a saw blade is reliably detected. An alarm can be set if the target leaves the detection zone or comes too close to the sensing face. All data acquired can be transmitted via IO-Link and recorded. This new development is unbeatable.