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Sensors for pressure up to 500 bar for steel detection

New pressure-resistant position sensors

  • Metal sensing face for heavy duty
  • High burst pressure of 2,000 bar for the M12 housing
  • Standard M12 and M14 housing types
  • Best performance at an attractive price
  • Resistant: withstands 10 million pressure cycles

Operating principle
The new operating principle is based on a magnetic inductive technology that detects only ferromagnetic metals (e.g. tool steel). The sensor is flush-mountable. Even in case of overflush installation the sensor detects the steel target and shows reliable switching behaviour with a sensing range of 1.8 mm. A sealing ring and a supporting ring are used for sealing against the pressure zone.

Application examples
Besides use as a limit switch in hydraulic cylinders, the sensor can also be used on other hydraulic components such as valves or pumps.
Furthermore, it is used in mechanical engineering processes, e.g. in plastic injectionmoulding or process industry applications. The new MFH and M9H series sensors offer an impressive performance at an attractive price.

Two designs for many different requirements
The MFH with its standard M12 housing can be installed and adjusted on many different hydraulic cylinders. That is why most cylinder types are covered by only one sensor. Due to its end stop the M9H allows quick mounting. The processing / installation time is reduced if always the same cylinder type is used.