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OGD with plastic front lens: distance measurement with added safety

  • High process reliability thanks to shatterproof plastic front lens
  • 2 in 1: simultaneous output of distance value and reflectivity
  • Identification and sorting of objects based on reflectivity

Improved performance thanks to IO-Link

  • Process values shown on 2-colour display and sent via IO-Link

Everything under control thanks to OGD Reflectivity with plastic lens
The OGD Reflectivity features a switching output for the reflectivity value in addition to providing distance information. This increases the reliability of process control: For example, it not only detects whether toppings have been added to a deep-frozen product, but also determines whether the correct topping has been used based on its reflectivity. In addition, the OGD Reflectivity now features a plastic front lens to eliminate the possibility of glass splintering, especially in food applications. This not only ensures reliable process control, but also a high degree of process safety. All parameters of the sensor can be set as usual using three pushbuttons and are clearly indicated on the two-colour display. Parameter setting and reading is also possible via IO-Link.