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  • Absolute multiturn encoder as 24 bit version
  • Direct output of the values via CANopen interface
  • Battery-free multiturn technology
  • High shock and vibration resistance thanks to magnetic sensing principle
  • Flattened shaft for the safe installation of shaft couplings


Absolute encoders for mobile machines

Absolute encoders detect position, angle, speed and distance with a resolution of up to 25 bits.

Multiturn encoders which do not require any batteries, however, do not only detect absolute angular positions but also count revolutions. Even in case of a power failure, the encoder continues to reliably detect the shaft position. The signals are output via the fieldbus interface CANopen. The flattened solid shaft ensures secure fixing of shaft couplings. Hollow-shaft encoders in a very small design, however, can be mounted without coupling. The protection rating IP69K provides reliable protection against ingress of water.

The singleturn encoders of the RN series on the other hand divide a mechanical revolution into a certain number of measuring steps. The measuring values are repeated after one complete revolution.