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Inclination sensors - 2 axes with CAN interface

  • Precise measurement of angles of inclination on X and Y axes
  • High measurement accuracy across the total angular range in two axes
  • Zero point, counting direction and limit frequency adjustable
  • Compact and robust housing
  • High-performance CAN interface for various communication tasks

2-axis inclination sensors with CAN interface

Often the horizontal alignment of machines or machine parts is an important requirement for reliable operation.
Inclination sensors are designed for angular position detection or levelling of mobile machinery. 2-axis inclination sensors are commonly used for position detection on working platforms or levelling of mobile cranes or excavators. Industrial applications include solar panel tracking systems. Some types can even be used for 3-axis vibration monitoring of structures or towers.
Inclination sensors provide high measurement accuracy across the whole angular range with angles of inclination along the X and Y axes. They are offered with CAN interface or IO-Link.