Accurate and repeatable pressure measurement with high resolution
Improve your confidence in pressure measurement applications with the PI sanitary transmitters, now with 32 bit resolution (approximately 20,000 steps). Explore the features using the interactive model above.
Bright LED display
Built-in digital display eliminates the need for a reference gauge and provides at-a-glance indication of system pressure or tank level.
Simple 3-pushbutton setup
The sensor can be configured easily without pressure applied to the system.
Industry standard M12 electrical connection
2-wire analog, switching output, and IO-Link process value available all with a standard M12 cordset.
Optimized vent design to withstand the harshest environments
The vent is located 90° from the display to prevent moisture from pooling on the Gore-Tex membrane when the sensor is mounted with the display facing up or down. This prevents clogging and reduces measurement errors due to incorrect reference pressure.
316 stainless steel housing
The fully welded SS housing can withstand high pressure washdown, is resistant to aggressive chemicals and eliminates moisture ingress, which is a common cause of electrical failures.
Ceramic measuring cell is the most resilient on the market
Especially when compared to thin metal diaphragms, the 99.9% pure ceramic cell offers excellent chemical, abrasion, and overpressure resistant properties.
Various process connections available
The PI sensors can be adapted to the most common sanitary fittings, such as Tri-Clamp, weld-in and Varivent.