Smart valve sensors improve process control
MVQ continuously monitors valve actuator position and can directly control the local solenoid. Explore the features using the interactive model above.
Position Indicator
Visible window indicating the status of the valve if viewing from the factory floor.
Standard M12 connection
5-pin A-coded M12 standard connector provides three digital outputs to communicate the status of the valve position.
Status LEDs
Powerful LEDs radiate from every direction. The colors of the LEDs are programmable to show the status of the three outputs.
Solenoid output controls pilot valve from sensor
MVQ201 has a direct M12 connection between sensor and local solenoid pilot valve and provides 2 outputs to control the pilot valve.
Industry standard mounting
Mounting holes comply to standard ISO Namur spacing for quick installation to the valveā€™s actuator.
Rugged plastic housing
Rectangular design drops over actuator stem with no need for mechanical alignment.