The LDL conductivity sensors – a new approach
Improve product quality and process performance for a fraction of the cost. Explore the features using the interactive model above.
Standard M12 electrical connector
Eliminate field wiring issues. Removing cable glands improves washdown capability and reduces ingress potential.
Factory assembled and calibrated to eliminate need for remote evaluation unit to be paired. Factory certification is available for free download.
Fully welded compact housing
Remove ingress points and potential for humid air to condense and cause internal corrosion.
Flexible mounting adapters
Several mounting adapters are available to easily install in your system.
Rotatable coupling nut
Easily align the measuring channel of the sensor assembly in your piping system.
Machined PEEK tip
Provides uniform thermal expansion, prevents cracking and fatigue during temperature cycling, and carries sanitary approvals of 3A, FDA and EHEDG.
Multiple interfaces
Two Ethernet ports and four CAN interfaces support CANopen, CANopen Safety and J1939.
Integrated RTD
Built in temperature compensation allows the sensor to be used reliably across the entire operating range.