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Impulse - the ifm show for you

Experience automation in an unprecedented form. The ifm show Impulse highlights the most important trends and topics in automation. We talk about industry-specific challenges and present answers – from innovative products to holistic solutions. While also showing a series of successful automation examples from the real world, we let both our experts and our customers have their say in equal measure.

Information meets inspiration - welcome to Impulse!

Automation solutions for the beverage and food industry

Highest process reliability and consistently high product quality are the maxims in the food industry - whether in beverage production, confectionery production, dairy or meat processing. Even slight contamination of a product leads to high damage, be it the recall of an entire batch or a costly production shutdown. In this programme, we will address ifm's range, which has been specially developed for the food industry, and show in best practice examples from Refresco and Tetra Pak how important automation is.

Vision sensors in industrial manufacturing

In automation technology, vision sensors are now an integral part of assembly, manufacturing and quality control and, last but not least, a means of increasing efficiency. They are cameras with application-specific evaluation, i.e. reliable electronic eyes, with low price and high degree of integration. Today in our TV show we present you what this can look like in practice in the automotive industry.

Water management: Challenges and solutions

Exciting TV show with a focus on automation in water filtration systems. Here we answer the questions how important intelligent automation can be in such systems when it comes to such a precious resource as water. Therefore we invite guests to the studio who can illuminate both sides, both the technical side and the view of our customer "NEREUS".

Trade fair highlights 2021

New innovative products, software and system solutions 2021

ifm develops, manufactures and distributes sensors, controllers, software and systems for industrial automation worldwide. At this year's Hanover fair, we will be offering you numerous new innovative products, smart systems and intelligent software solutions in 2021. We talk to our experts about the innovations in the fields of IIOT software, optical position sensors and much more.