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I/O modules - Complete product line

  • Configurable input / output functions
  • Direct connection of hydraulic valves or joysticks
  • Modules with M12 connector or central plug
  • High-performance CAN interface for various communication tasks
  • E1 type approval by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Motor Transport Authority)

I/O modules

Decentralised I/O modules connect binary and analogue sensors and actuators to the mobile controller. They enable decentralised evaluation of sensor signals and control of actuators or proportional valves.
Data output and setting of the device functions is handled via a CAN interface.
The modules are particularly suited for mobile machinery such as construction equipment, agricultural machines or municipal vehicles.
The ifm product range includes models with digital, analogue and frequency inputs combined with digital or PWM outputs.
Modules for field use offer high protection ratings as well as shock and vibration resistance. The units offer increased EMC levels and hold an e1 type approval. Modules to be installed in driver's cabs, control panels or control boxes serve to connect operating and display elements to the CAN bus.