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IO-Link - Temperature evaluation units

  • Very large temperature evaluation range
  • Local display of the current temperature values
  • Red/green display for clear identification of the acceptable range
  • Intuitive and user-friendly 3-pushbutton control
  • Automatic detection of the connected sensor type

Control monitors for temperature sensors

TR control monitors for temperature sensors are used to detect, evaluate and display the signals of resistance temperature sensors. The electronics automatically detect whether two-wire, three-wire or four-wire Pt100 or Pt1000 sensors are connected. The units are distinguished by a wide measuring range.
Critical process states, e.g. reaching of minimum or maximum limit temperatures, can be directly monitored by means of the switching output. For continuous temperature measurement, units with a high-resolution and scalable analogue output are offered. The integrated display allows direct readout of the current process temperature at any time.
The control monitors can be combined with screw-in and bolt-on sensors, probes or temperature sensors for hygienic applications.
Parameter setting is effected via the buttons on the sensor. The sensor can also be configured via IO-Link, e.g. using a USB interface. The LINERECORDER SENSOR software is used to visualise, transfer and archive parameter sets.