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Pressure sensors / Vacuum sensors - Use in hazardous areas

  • Two switching outputs, one of them programmable as analogue output
  • Country-specific pressure units selectable
  • Memory function for the highest measured system pressure
  • Clearly visible LED display
  • For applications in hazardous areas

Versions for use in hazardous areas

The pressure sensors of the PN0 and PI0 series with full stainless steel housing are suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
The units have a switching output which can be programmed as normally closed or normally open, and a scalable analogue output for the output of the measured values. The robustness of the measuring cell and the high repeatability ensure good long-term stability and wear-free operation over millions of pressure cycles.
Parameter setting is effected via the buttons on the sensor. A well-readable, sloping display rotatable by 180°, combined with a user-friendly interface, enables fast and easy set-up. The pressure unit to be indicated (bar/mbar, kPa, Mpa, psi) is freely selectable. The electronic lock protects the device from unauthorised access.