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Pressure sensors / Vacuum sensors - Use in homogenizer applications

  • Suited for use in homogeniser processes
  • Intuitive, user-friendly handling
  • Analogue output and switching output for alarm function
  • Integrated, clearly readable display
  • Long-term stability thanks to ceramic measuring cell

Use in homogenisers

The pressure sensors of the PY9 series are used for precise monitoring of homogeniser processes.
Homogenisers are used to emulsify two liquids or to spread solids evenly in a liquid. In the dairy industry, the milk is pumped into a homogeniser and, under very high pressure, pushed through small screens. This creates a consistent homogeneous mixture.
The sensors are suited for high-pressure applications and offer high overload pressure resistance. They feature two switching outputs which can be programmed as normally open or normally closed. For output of the measured value, one switching output can also be configured as a scalable analogue output.
Parameter setting is effected via the buttons on the sensor. The highly visible display, combined with a user-friendly interface, enables fast and easy set-up.
The units have a process connection commonly used on homogenisers.