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Pressure sensors / Vacuum sensors - Intuitive switch point setting

  • Simple switch point setting by means of two setting rings allowing optimum reading
  • Stainless steel measuring cell, e.g. for freons in refrigerating technology
  • Mechanical locking prevents inadvertent switch point manipulation
  • High bursting pressure
  • For use in hydraulic and pneumatic applications

Intuitive switch point setting

The compact pressure sensor of the PK series can be used in nearly all industrial and mobile applications. Areas of application include liquid and gaseous media. Thanks to its high pressure peak resistance, resistance against aggressive media and high admissible burst pressure, the sensor can be used in hydraulics, pneumatics, air conditioning and refrigeration technology.
The robustness of the stainless steel measuring cell ensures high long-term stability and wear-free operation over millions of pressure cycles.
Switch point setting of the unit is easy and intuitive via a scaled setting ring (easy-turn). A scale shows the set pressure switch points. The unit can even be set before installation without system pressure being applied. Mechanical locking prevents unintentional maladjustment of the sensor.
Two highly visible LEDs indicate the switching status and readiness for operation.