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Compact mechatronic inline flow meter with backflow prevention

New flow sensor now also for smallest quantities

  • Measuring range from 0.2...4 l/min
  • Compact design
  • Very fast response time of ≤ 10 ms
  • No inlet and outlet pipe lengths required
  • Independent of pressure and temperature fluctuations

Mechatronic flow sensor
The new mechatronic flow sensor of the SBY series functions using the principle of a spring-mounted piston. The piston, located in the valve seat in the housing, is lifted by the flowing medium against the spring resistance.
For binary signal output the piston position is detected by an inductive sensor. The spring resistance leads to reliable reset of the piston to its initial position with decreasing flow. This ensures position-independent installation of the flow sensor preventing backflow.
The switch points can be easily set and fixed via a setting screw. The robust mechanical design ensures use in harsh environments. The units are maintenance-free.