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Systems for signalling and indication - IO-Link - Displays

  • For displaying up to four process values
  • Easy integration into each IO-Link structure
  • Colour change for text and background
  • Flexible adaptation of the display, also during operation
  • With text displays and dialogue box for free text

Systems for signalling and indication - IO-Link - Displays

IO-Link - Displays

The IO-Link display indicates process values, texts and messages provided by the connected IO-Link master.
It displays up to four assigned process values, alarms and warnings. Clear text and as an option a colour change of text and background can be used for a quick overview. By means of buttons the user can trigger control actions of the PLC or acknowledge messages.

The IO-Link display is connected to an IO-Link master and controlled via PLC. No special software is required for configuration. Texts and settings can be predetermined via an IO-Link device tool such as LINERECORDER SENSOR.