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RFID UHF - Evaluation units with fieldbus interface

  • UHF read/write unit with four external antenna terminals
  • Antennas for each application: ultra low, low, mid and wide range
  • Powerful Ethernet interface for data transmission
  • Support of bulk reading/reader dense mode
  • For use in material flow control, intralogistics and conveying

The compact UHF RFID system

The compact UHF RFID system is suitable for applications requiring long ranges. Convenient: Evaluation unit and antenna are integrated in one compact housing. This saves space and simplifies installation. In material logistics, for example, the device can determine whether the right material is available in the required quantity for the production order. The system can be used to check inflow and outflow in high rack storage areas. The device can also be used in plant control. It reads product-specific machine

parameters from the ID tag attached to the product. The individual setting of the machine helps to increase productivity and avoid downtime.