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A core part of our philosophy at ifm is that we work closely with our customers. We want to understand each customer’s business and create solutions that work best for them. We also want our customers to grow. Which is why we are offering a new range of training seminars.

As with our solutions, we will customise every training session according to an individual customer’s needs and requests.

Please click on the link below to get to our ifm Academy Australia website for more details of the training modules we have available or choose a webinar on demand from the list on the right.

Visit our very own ifm Academy website

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Our training modules cover a diverse range of products and systems and how these products and systems can be used in your application. ifm Academy provides necessary competencies and skills to execute projects with the industry's highest quality standards. We have trained more than 1,500 attendees through over 12,000 hours of classroom and hands-on courses.