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  1. Water skid starter kit
  2. CODESYS software

CODESYS software for I4.0 industrial controls

CODESYS | Software Modules


Hardware Configuration

  • Easy-to-use software for application programming and configuration settings 
  • Find all devices connected to the network
  • configure data and parameters for integrated fieldbus devices such as IO-Link masters
  • Support creating strcutured project configurations and efficienct applications


  • Offers six programming languages for editing (LD, FBD, CFC, SFC, ST, IL)
  • Contains developed libraries and code packets that are easily implemented into multiple projects 
  • Reduces coding complexity with automatic input completion and assistance 
  • Allows direct testing and generating of powerful machine code with debugger and simulator


  • Import multiple recipe lists and values from .xlsx or .csv files 
  • Set and monitor specific process values of batch systems 
  • Provide convenient transfer to other machines with simple recipe management tools 


  • Reduce HMI development time with visualisation elements libraries 
  • Drag and drop elements from toolbox or imported image to create operating interfaces
  • Manage users and user groups with different permissions and properties 
  • Support and display multiple languages 


  • Provide real-time recording of multiple process values to a data storage site 
  • Display time chart in any interval with the visualisation element "Trending"
  • Export trend data as .csv or .xlsx files for further analysis


  • Display registered alarms and critical errors with real-time clock (RTC) time stamp information
  • Configurate reactions to alarm events
  • Archive error conditions in alarm history for documentation of failures 
  • Export alarm history to .xlxs or .csv files for further analysis

Data Flow

  • Provide direct communication with cloud services (AWS, Azure, etc.) with IIoT libraries 
  • Support communication protocols such as MQTT and HTTPS
  • Include tools and functions to encode and decode data structure (JSON, XML, etc.)