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  1. IO-Link modules
  2. Technology
  3. Digital input filters

Digital input filters

Available on Standard Line modules.

The input signals can be changed via different filters before they are passed on via IO-Link. The following filters are available and are applied to the input signal in this order:

  1. Input pin
  2. Debouncing filter
  3. Hold function
  4. Invert function
  5. Process-data input

Each of these filters can be configured separately via IO-Link.

Debouncing filter

  • The unit detects signals of a length of at least 1.5 ms. Shorter signals are not detected
  • The input debouncing filter suppresses noise signals caused by mechanical switches. The filter provides the input signals at the filter output with a delay (debouncing time). All signals shorter than the set debouncing time are ignored by the filter.

Hold function

  • This filter prolongs short input pulses. Via the following parameters the filter is configured
  • Holding time: Pulse duration to which the short pulses are to be prolonged
  • Pulses applied for a longer time than the holding time are not prolonged
  • Holding status: Input level to be prolonged (HIGH or LOW)

Invert function

  • This function inverts the logic of the incoming signal