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High precision at Kugler thanks to ifm sensors

For more than 30 years, the company Kugler GmbH in Salem/Baden-Württemberg has been producing precision machines with aerostatic and hydrostatic bearings. In order for their drum lathes to operate reliably, they rely on ifm sensors.

ifm pressure sensor PQ7809 is constantly monitoring the oil pressure of the TDM-1600. Picture: © Kugler GmbH

The drum lathes of Kugler GmbH are in demand worldwide and produce rotation-symmetric components with precision to the nearest micrometer, for example small threaded bolts. But also circular and helical groove structures can be manufactured.

The model TDM-1600 is a multi-axis system with hydrostratic oil bearings that has a center distance of 1600 milimeters. This ultra-precision machine is manufactured specifically for the generation smooth optical surfaces and works with monocrystalline diamond tools.

Those drum lathes are also used for producing embossing masters for plastic films, displays and background illuminations.

In order to ensure smooth operation of the drum lathes, Kugler GmbH equip the hydraulic aggregate of their TDM-1600 with ifm sensors. The LK8122 level sensor and the PQ7809 pressure sensor prevent failures by monitoring, among others, the oil pressure of the aggregate. A failure would cause damage to the drum lathe amounting to a six-figure sum.