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A rush of adrenaline on the world's fastest e-boat - and ifm is on board

Reaching a top speed of 89 km/h, the electric speedboat from Wangen im Allgäu sets a world record. ifm's BasicDisplay CR0451 unfailingly shows relevant system data so that the adrenaline rush does not end on the lake.

The fastest series e-boat of the world: the SAY 29E Runabout Carbon.

The manufacturers also call it the 'Wave Cutter', because of its ability to cut through waves at an astonishing speed. With the SAY 29E Runabout Carbon, SAY GmbH delivers a true sports ace reaching up to 500 PS (electrically!). The battery capacity of 120kW/h ensures a range of 50 km. 

With the SAY 29E the thrill is allowed in lake regions where combustion engines are usually prohibited - as in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

To ensure that you don't get surprised by the lack of energy, ifm's CR0451 shows you the remaining range and the current system status at all times. It changes between day and night mode depending on the lighting conditions so that the coxswain always has a clear view on things. The BasicDisplay can be used to configure various types of charging modes and show data that is relevant for operation like temperature, rotational speeds and voltages.

The SAY 29E Runabout Carbon from SAY GmbH was developed in Wangen im Allgäu together with the Austrian company Kreisel, who delivered the entire drive package. The body of the SAY 29E is made of a 100% carbon composite: a lightweight material that is extremely solid and stiff. Its hull weighs as little as 380 kilograms. Fully equipped, the SAY 29E weighs about 1,950 kg.