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Temperature sensor with IO-Link and switching outputs

Two temperature sensors in one

  • Two in one: process values plus two switched outputs
  • Measuring range -50...150 °C
  • IO-Link for simple, remote setting
  • Extremely high accuracy of +/- 0.3 K
  • Tamper-proof

Flexible in use
The functionality of the temperature sensor TV is impressive. Due to its extremely compact design the TV sensor can be installed where space is at a premium. The device has two switch points, operates with an extremely high precision and can be set easily and quickly via the LINERECORDER SENSOR.

Efficient and reliable thanks to IO-Link
Thanks to IO-Link the new temperature sensor continuously transmits process values and other important data, e.g. min. / max. temperature.
Moreover, the digital measurement results are more accurate because there are no conversion losses by D/A converters or external influences (e.g. cable lengths). Devices with preset measuring ranges (analogue start and end points) are no longer needed because the real process value is transmitted. This reduces stock. Soon conventional transmitters will be a thing of the past.