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AS-Interface control cabinet module

SmartL25 4DI 4DO T C

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List Price without Tax in ARS

  • For use in control cabinets
  • Simple and fast wiring by means of cage clamps
  • Particularly space-saving design
  • Double terminals for looping through the voltage supply
  • Clearly visible powerful LEDs for displaying operation, switching status and function
  • ce
  • asi
  • cul
Technische Details
Application only for operation with AS-i masters with the profile M4
Electrical data
Operating voltage [V] 18...31 DC
Max. current consumption from AS-i [mA] 250
Additional voltage supply [V] 20...30 DC; (AUX)
Max. current consumption from additional supply [mA] 4000; (AUX)
Integrated watchdog yes
Inputs / outputs
Number of inputs and outputs Number of digital inputs: 4; Number of digital outputs: 4
Number of digital inputs 4
Input circuit of digital inputs PNP; (type 2 according to IEC 61131-2)
Sensor supply of the inputs AS-i
Voltage supply [V] 16...30; (DC)
Max. total current rating of inputs [mA] 200
Input current High [mA] 6...10
Input current Low [mA] 0...2
Min. switching level high signal [V] 11
Digital inputs protected against short circuits yes
Number of digital outputs 4
Circuit PNP
Voltage range DC [V] 20...30; (AUX)
Max. current load per output [mA] 1000; (utilisation category DC-12: 700 mA; utilisation category DC-13 (control of electromagnets): 20 W (IEC 60947-5-1))
Max. current load outputs total [mA] 4000; (> 50 °C: 2000 mA)
Short-circuit proof yes
Electrically separated yes
Actuator supply switching outputs via E+/E- / separate to SELV / AUX
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature [°C] -25...65
Max. relative air humidity [%] 90; (non condensing)
Max. height above sea level [m] 2000
Protection IP 20
Protection rating terminals IP 20
Degree of soiling 2
Tests / approvals
EN 62026-2
EN 61000-6-2
EN 61000-6-3
MTTF [years] 261
Notes The device shall be supplied from an isolating source.; This voltage source must have a secondary UL-listed fuse (see enclosed sheet).; Alternatively, a class 2 power supply can be used to supply AUX.
AS-i classification
AS-i version 3.0
AS-i addressing addressing socket
Extended addressing mode possible yes
AS-i profile S-7.A.7
AS-i I/O configuration [hex] 7
AS-i ID code [hex] A.7
AS-i ID1 code [hex] 7; (fixed)
AS-i certificate 124401
Assignment of the data bits
data bit D0 D1 D2 D3
input I-1 I-2 I-3 I-4
Output O-1 O-2 O-3 O-4
Mechanical data
Weight [g] 151
Type of mounting mounting on DIN rail
Materials plastics; PC-GF20
Displays / operating elements
switching status LED, yellow I1...I4, O1...O4
operation LED, green AS-i, AUX
errors LED, red
Accessories (supplied)
cage clamps
Do not connect any of the following points to an external potential:
I-, I+, I1, I2, I3, I4
The connections are electrically connected with the AS-i cable.
Pack quantity 1 pcs.
Electrical connection
Connection pin headers: 4 x ; Spacing: 5.0 mm
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