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Vacuum sensors - Diagnostic function for pumps

  • Two functions in one unit: Pump monitoring and pressure detection
  • Reliable diagnosis of disturbances in the suction area and detection of cavitation
  • Detection of outgassing liquids or trapped air in the pump
  • Independent system-pressure monitoring with second switching output
  • Pump control via analogue output

Diagnostic function for pumps

The pump diagnostic pressure sensor of the PIM series enables condition-based pump monitoring irrespective of the type, characteristics or speed range of the pump. It reliably detects any disturbances around the pump such as trapped air in the medium, clogged filters, deposits in pipes or improperly opened valves. This results in extended maintenance intervals, increases the uptime of the entire installation and prevents costly consequential damage.
The sensor detects the periodic pressure surges in the medium. If these surges exceed a critical value which could result in damage to the pump or installation, the sensor provides an alarm message at a switching output.
The sensor's second output provides an indication of the system pressure completely independently of the diagnostic function. It can be configured as a switching output or as a scalable analogue output.
The easy-to-read display indicates the operating state of the pump via a trend display. In addition, the system pressure is shown periodically.
The pump diagnostic sensor is quickly set up using the intuitive pushbutton display - no expert knowledge required.