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Inductive sensors - Use in hygienic areas

  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Temperature shock resistant even in case of frequent temperature fluctuations
  • Food-grade housing materials
  • Resistant to high-pressure cleaning with aggressive cleaning agents
  • Sensing face made of full metal or Peek

Use in hygienic areas

Inductive sensors with protection rating IP 68 or IP 69K guarantee high ingress-resistance even in extremely demanding applications in the food and pharma industries. Ingress resistance is also given in contact with aggressive cleaning agents (COP compatible), which is confirmed by the Henkel certificate.
The permissible application range of the sensors covers 0 °C to 100 °C. Furthermore, the units are exceptionally resistant to temperature shocks.
The increased sensing range increases safety, ensuring higher plant uptime. It is guaranteed over the whole temperature range.
The high-grade stainless steel housing ensures higher tightening torques for mounting. The sensing face made of PEEK or stainless steel meets the special requirements of the application. Due to the laser type label the unit can still be clearly identified after years.