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Head start with IO-Link

Head start with IO-Link

Today the user gets completely new options with IO-Link sensors from ifm. The transfer of cyclic and acyclic data, for example, as well as messages in both directions are implemented. And IO-Link has a lot more to offer:

Noise immunity

No external influence of the signal

IO-Link data transfer is based on a 24 V signal and is therefore extremely insensitive to external influence. IO-Link sensors are connected with standard M12 connectors. Screened cables and associated grounding are no longer necessary.

No measured value losses

The entire measured value transmission is digital. Error-prone transmission and conversion of analogue signals is eliminated. The digitally transmitted measured values can be directly displayed in the control room.

Easy sensor replacement

The IO-Link master saves all parameters of the connected sensors. After replacement the previous parameters are automatically written to the new sensor. Looking up the required sensor settings is not necessary.

Tamper free

The standardised parameter setting allows locking of the operating keys on the device. This rules out any chance of values being incorrectly set. Documentation of the parameters is possible at any time.


Identification and detection of interchangeable tools
The O5D photoelectric sensors detect if the selected tool is present in the fixture. IO-Link ensures that only a sensor of the same type is used for replacement.

Wire break detection

With IO-Link, the transfer of process and service data takes place simultaneously. Wire breaks or short circuits are immediately detected by the master. The diagnostic data can be accessed even during operation.