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Monk Conveyors – IO-Link sensor implementation for optimising conveyor belt equipment

IO-Link sensor implementation for optimising conveyor belt equipment

Thanks to IO-Link, Monk conveyors are able to minimise cabling in the field when building and installing conveyor equipment and machinery. Monk conveyors act as a system integrator: they bring together conveyors and the machines of the costumers as well as the control system into a finished turnkey solution.

There is a lot of field wiring that needs to be done, so the conveyors can work efficiently. ifm's automation solutions are a specific advantage for the conveyor systems because thanks to the IO-Link technology, the cabling itself as well as the wiring time can be reduced, and more visibility and monitoring of the system is possible.

Head start with IO-Link

Head start with IO-Link

Today the user gets completely new options with IO-Link sensors from ifm. The transfer of cyclic and acyclic data, for example, as well as messages in both directions are implemented. And IO-Link has a lot more to offer: noise immunity, no measured value losses, easy sensor replacement, tamper free, identification and wire break detection

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