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E-mobility: efficient battery production from the first step

In order to successfully harness the growth potential of electromobility, more powerful batteries need to be produced - while at the same time using valuable resources efficiently. In the current edition of Impulse – the ifm magazine we show how automation technology can contribute to quality assurance in the crucial first production steps of the battery cell.


Topics of this edition

  • Overview: Automation in the automotive industry against the background of the emerging segment of electromobility. (0:00 – 07:50)
  • Application I: Solutions for automated quality control in the important first production steps of battery cell manufacturing using the example of the mixer. (07:51 – 15:45)
  • Application II: How the Fraunhofer plant for battery cell research production (FFB) researches and tests automated solutions for quality control on the coating installation. (15:46 – 18:28)
  • Expert talk: Prospects, opportunities and challenges of battery cell production in Germany and Europe and the importance of cooperation between industry and research. (18:29 – 40:59)



Philipp Erbe is the host of the ifm magazine Impulse.

As an editor in the company’s product communication, he has in-depth knowledge of ifm’s hardware and software products as well as customer demands on automation and digitalisation solutions.



Frank Fiedler has been involved in the ifm group of companies for over 30 years. As Global Business Development Manager Robotics Automation he is responsible for the global strategic orientation of the ifm Group's sales for customers in the sectors Assembly Automation, E-Mobility, Industrial Robots and Machine Tools. In particular, he is responsible for building up technical expertise and global communication in the field of e-mobility. On this basis, he provides impetus for IO-Link connectivity, industrial image processing, identification and object recognition in these industries.​


Thomas Adamus has been Global Business Development Coordinator for E-Mobility and Robotics at ifm electronic gmbh for more than 5 years. In this position he accompanies the development of the field of e-mobility in all facets and is significantly involved in the development, exchange and transfer of specific know-how. With his expertise, he advises customers and colleagues on the products and solutions that ifm provides and develops for the e-mobility and robotics industry.


Fabian Kux works as a research associate in the "Quality Assurance" group at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Cell Production FFB facility in Münster. As part of this job, he is working on the development of a holistic quality assurance concept. He focuses on inline testing and measurement technology along the entire process chain. This gives him deep insights into process and product technology issues and makes an active contribution to efficient and sustainable battery cell production.


Dr Thomas Paulsen heads the "Business Development" and "Marketing & Public Relations" groups at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Cell Production FFB in Münster. As part of this role, he is responsible for initiating development projects for the Fraunhofer FFB. He is familiar with both higher-level developments in the battery industry and with the specific needs and challenges of individual companies along the entire battery value chain.

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