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1: Potentiometer (switch point flow)
2: Potentiometer (switch point temperature)
Product characteristics
Control monitor for flow sensors
Mounting on DIN rail
Electrical connection by means of Combicon connectors with screw terminals (fitted)
Connection: 1 sensor
Application flow, temperature and wire break monitoring
Electrical data
Electrical design DC
Operating voltage [V]24 DC
Voltage tolerance [%]+10 / -20
Current consumption [mA]90
Protection class III
Reverse polarity protection no
Output function Relay
Switching function
- Flow monitoring relay energised when flow is present and during the power-on delay time
- Temperature monitoring relay energised when temperature is exceeded
- Wire break monitoring relay de-energised in case of wire-break or short circuit
Contact rating 4 A (250 V AC / 30 V DC)
Short-circuit proof no
Overload protection no
Undervoltage monitor In case of undervoltage all relays are de-energised,
Reaction times
Power-on delay time [s]10...80 *)
Response time [s]max. 3
Software / programming
Adjustment of the switch point potentiometer
Selection liquids / gases link terminals 23-24 **)
Switch point setting potentiometer
Temperature range [°C]0...80
Repeatability switch point / measured value [K]± 4
Ambient temperature [°C]-20...60, in case of sufficient free space for convection cooling
Protection IP 20
Tests / approvals
MTTF [Years]263
Mechanical data
Housing materials PBT
Weight [kg]0.233
Displays / operating elements
Function display 11 LED
Output status indication LEDred
Output status indication LEDred
Electrical connection
Connection Combicon connector
Core colors
1 = Flow monitoring
2 = Wire break monitoring
3 = Temperature monitoring
4 = External resistor to set the power-on delay time
5 = Link to monitor gaseous media
Note: miniature fuse to IEC60127-2 sheet 1,
≤ 5 A (fast acting)
*) adjustable (fixed-value resistors terminals 22-23)
**) Factory setting: Monitoring of liquids. For monitoring of gases: Link terminals 23 / 24.
Recommendation: check the unit for reliable function after a short circuit.
Pack quantity [piece]1
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