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New AS-i safety monitors for safe AS-i outputs.

New AS-i safety monitors for safe AS-i outputs.

Parameter setting with the new PC software ASIMON V3.0.

  • Monitoring up to 31 safe AS-i slaves.
  • Supporting the decentralised safe AS-i outputs.
  • Combination of several safe AS-i outputs possible.
  • Easy, economical, direct networking of two AS-i lines.
  • Certification to EN 954-1/SC 4, IEC 61508/SIL3 and EN ISO13849-1/PLe.
AS-i safety monitors
The tried and tested AS-i Safety at Work safety monitors now have additional new functions. The safety monitors can now process safe AS-i outputs. Simple and safe networking of AS-i lines is now possible. So the safety monitors can be used for an even wider range of applications.

The user-friendly configuration and diagnostic software ASIMON V3.0 enables clear and quick assignment and logical combination of the safety-related bus components in the new function block representation under Windows.

AS-i safety monitor

AC031S - AS-i safety monitor, Extended functionality, 1-channel, Configuration and setup by configuration software ASIMON, IP 20 , Ambient temperature -20...60 °C
AC032S - AS-i safety monitor, Extended functionality and integrated safe slave for triggering a safe AS-i output, 2-channel, Control category 4 to EN954-1, IEC 61508 / SIL 3 and EN ISO 13849 - 1 PL e, Configuration and setup by configuration software ASIMON V3.0, IP 20 , Ambient temperature -20...60 °C

SmartLine module

AC030S - Safe active AS-i output module, SIL 3 to EN 62061, IEC 61508 / SIL 3 and EN ISO 13849 - 1 / PL e, for the safe triggering of actuators, IP 20, Ambient temperature -25...55 °C, Combicon


E7040S - AS-i Safety at Work, Programming software for AS-i safety monitor AC001S / AC002S / AC003S / AC004S / AC031S / AC032S, ASIMON programming software, Version 3.0, Configuration, set-up and diagnostics of the AS-i safety monitor
E7001S - Connection cable PC / AS-i safety monitor, Ambient temperature -25...70 °C, PVC cable
E70230 - Combicon connector, with screw terminals 4-pole

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