RFID in Application
Traceability of chocolate moldsTraceability is of great importance in the food industry. The RFID system can be used to identify chocolate molds to ensure that the correct mold is used.
Traceability in meat processingInformation helps improve efficiency and allows for the tracking of meat production. Tracking provides important information for consumers that guarantees the safety and health of meat.
Vehicle seat identificationEach seat is clearly identifiable via an integrated RFID tag to be sure it is assigned to the correct vehicle. Information such as the color of the seat and production date can be stored and tracked for verification purposes.
Assembly pallet trackingPallet tracking allows for the monitoring of correct product assembly and traceability to the level of components and materials. This can ensure that no defective parts leave the plant.
Tool identificationRFID systems help to automate and error-proof tool tracking processes to ensure the correct tool is being used and track the cycle time for preventive maintenance.