Control systems for use in mobile machines by ifm

Ecomat Basic Series

Basic Introducing Bob Basic  ifm's new control system for mobile applications (link will open a new window) Controllers - Compact economical controllers for mobile use Display - Compact displays for easily viewing vehicle information Relay Module - Compact relay module for higher current switching capability Accessories

R360 Control Systems for use in mobile machines

CR0020 Classic series controllers; analog, digital, diagnostic and frequency inputs New 32-bit high performance controller: 4 CAN ports, 16 inputs, 16 outputs Gateway functions for CANopen, SAE J 1939, ISO 11992 and ISO bus Panel mount cabinet controllers: simplify integration in dashboards and operating panels Software tools for the ecomatmobile system Easy start with the ecomatmobile system

CAN based I/O modules

CR2031 Compact robust metal modules: Baud rate and node number selectable via coding switch Centralized plug in I/O using large amp connector Panel mount modules: Integration in dashboards and operating panels

PDM display monitors

CR1050 PDM 360 NG 7.0": Full-color display with 32-bit controller and four CAN-interfaces to ISO 11898 PDM 360 5.7": Color and monochrome units with backlit graphic programmed via CoDeSys PDM 360 Compact 3.8": monochrome backlit graphic unit programmed via CoDeSys PDM 360 Smart 2.5": monochrome backlit graphic unit programmed via CoDeSys 2 x 16 characters LCD display


CR3103 CANmem: CAN based data logger with PC Interface for programming, diagnosis and service CANremote: CAN based GSM/GPRS modem for remote data collection CANview: CAN based tool for capturing messages on a CAN network


CR2101 Inclination sensors Pressure sensors - Dual switching outputs Pressure sensors - Analog outputs Proximity sensors Camera system


Programming cables Mounting hardware CAN cables and connectors I/O cables and connectors Signal converters, load dump modules, and DC to DC converters Other components