Miniature photoelectric sensor detects very small parts at distances up to 80 mm


  • Miniature photoelectric provides precise detection of small components
  • Switchpoint adjustment via IO-Link and visible red light spot for target alignment allow easy setup
  • Compact design is ideal for applications with limited mounting space
  • Light spot is small and precise eliminating pre-damping issues
  • Integrated metal frame with mounting thru-holes will not bend or break
  • Reliable background suppression prevents false triggers from highly reflective background objects
  • 45° cable exit saves valuable mounting space

Miniature photoelectric reliably detects small objects

The O8 Series photoelectric sensor, while small in size, contains a powerful LED light source that allows it to detect targets up to 80 mm away regardless of their color or surface finish. Whether flat, shiny, matte, dark or light, the O8 offers reliable optical performance independent of target color. Designed with extremely reliable background suppression, it can precisely detect very small targets.

Setup is easy. The sensor features a visible red light spot that helps to align the sensor. The sensing distance is set to the nearest millimeter using IO-Link. Two highly visible LEDs indicate switching status and power.

The compact design is well suited for mounting in tight areas. The sensor’s integrated robust metal frame with thru-holes will not bend or break during installation.

The O8’s price/performance value makes it ideal for assembly automation, packaging, and robotic applications – or wherever very small sensors are required.

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